Our History

Khazar Merinos Industrial Group (KMIG) was established on the 2nd of June 2014, aiming to facilitate employments for local people, as well as helping to the country economic cycle. The KMIG shareholders have a long experience (nearly 30 years) in the Iranian textile market. Balran Plush Industrial Group factory which is located in Alborz Industrial Park in the Qazvin city, was the earliest factory made by the KMIG shareholders producing different plush, cotton and polyester fabrics. This systematic factory has the full line of dyeing and finishing departments aiming to serve its clients in the most proper way. However, IranRecord factory came into existence in the same industrial park few years later which was to produce fashion fabrics, various mattresses, and different blankets.   To make production of such variety of goods, there was a significant need to import different raw materials and relevant technological machineries from other countries and export final products to overseas. This enhanced the partners' capabilities in import and export procedures.
It is noteworthy to mention that considering the above highlighted potentials and also especial circumstances of free zones in Iran, the KMIG has an efficient foundation for production and exporting the goods to other countries. Moreover, this factory is located beside the Caspian sea which makes the shipment easy to export to those countries which have sea border with Iran.